Tailormade Proposals
That Close

For travel & event organizers specializing in groups
Esus - Saas
Esus - Saas
Esus - Saas
Esus - Save Time

Save time

Digital platform with automated processes in the creation and follow-up of proposals

Esus - Increase client's experience

Increase client's experience

Customer satisfaction enhanced through instantaneous tailormade proposals and competitive quotes

Esus - Sales Focus

Sales focus

The rocket tool your sales team needed. Get more done. Close more deals


Do you want to improve your Event Proposals ?

Built by professionals, our digital platform allows group organizers (TMCs, DMCs) to streamline and optimize their sales process.

Esus - Guaranteed Business Performance

A new way to manage your group proposals.

Huge reduction in time spent creating proposals. Save time, win deals!

Using our tools, your team will be focused on your customer’s needs and able to provide a tailor-made offer. 😎

Digital tools manage the process from quotation creation to final acceptance (with integrated CRM).

Stored in the cloud, your files are safe and accessible anywhere.

Samples of proposals

Below examples obtained in record time with highly customized features.

Esus - Bjorg Porisdottir - Dmc Boutique Iceland

Our takeout just went through the roof because we could be taking five orders at one time, instead of just one order at a time.

Dmc Boutique Iceland
Björg Thorsidottir
Esus - Valerie Tronche - French-Events Agency

I can’t believe how far I have come in the last months. I really didn’t think this awesome project move would come so quickly. Huge thanks to Richard and each of you for creating this awesome solution and bringing in the wonderful cohort we had.

French-Events Agency
Valerie Tronche
Esus - Amanda Hutchings - Inn'Events

I’m using Esus to manage the entire proposal and quoting process. Since then I've got more deals in the pipeline. Thanks!

Amanda Hutchings
Esus - Chloé Ratel - Venue finder

Esus is unbelievably helpful to me when I want fast and professional quote layouts. I ordered for 1-user then wanted to add another for my assistant. Then ended up wanting to add another for each of our team.

Venue finder
Chloé Ratel