Empower your sales team to create fast beautiful proposals and quotes

Reusable proposal templates and a custom content library filled with ready-to-use and pre-approved content cut your team’s proposal creation time by 65%. The best part? You can send numerous sales documents from just a single template.

Customized configuration

Automatic tasks

Getting started and full support

Products and services catalog

Supplier price lists and information

Automated proposal and quotation

Customer and business follow-up

24/7 access & Cloud back-up

Esus - Group
Esus - Templates
Esus - Follow Up

End-to-end solution designed for
Group Organizers

No magic tricks, just an integration of the latest digital tools to the needs of the group organizing profession. An ultra-simplified organizational interface. And ultra-complete.


Keep overview of your client

Integrated CRM makes it easy for your entire team to manage your customer relationships effectively, from tracking program history to upcoming opportunities

Custom fields that fit your needs

Gather the information that you need

Customise it as you like

Esus - Program Management
Esus - Real Time Program Builder

Build proposal
and costing

Choose from your custom templates and drop in content from your content library to build media-rich, engaging proposals. Plus, automatically builds a costing while you build the proposal. Duplicate previous programs

Easy, smooth drag’n’drop

Span across multiple days and tracks

Assign providers and products to programs


your proposal

1-click contract, vouchers and invoice generation publishing allows you to effortlessly share your custom proposal. Automate your proposal and quotation system.

Stay aligned with your company's brand, always

Access all files of your event from one place

Easy link sharing to contacts

Esus - Program Management

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