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About Esus

The Company


Esus is a design-driven tech startup on a mission to solve the chaos of event planning.


Esus is a design-driven tech startup on a mission to solve the chaos of event planning. Today 90% of event planners are stuck in spreadsheets and their job is 5th most stressful in the world. We've made it our mission at Esus to create the new standard within event planning and help event teams all over the world plan events with ease.

The Product


Software editor in SaaS mode for group tourism, business tourism and B2B events with a fast and customizable custom quote creation solution.


Esus is the new digital work surface for professionals. This software platform automates business processes for professional organizers. It is an all-in-one SaaS solution with a focus on customised quote creation.

Our vision

We believe creating tailor-made travel experiences for your customers shouldn’t be time-consuming. That’s why we developed Esus – seriously powerful tourism software that will ultimately help your business become faster, stronger, and more productive than ever.
Proposals are the conerstone of Tourism Agencies' value because they present what could be planned before signing the deal. It is not about 'full automation/human replacement' but about helping human to execute better...


Custom proposals created in record time


users from 9 countries


on average signed proposals


working hours saved

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Why Esus?

Create quotes that close

Distinguish yourself from the competition

Automated and customizable quotes

Graphic design in your image

Follow-up and commercial history

Product catalogue with services and prices

Libraries of all sorts

Manage user access

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